Off The Chart outtakes – 10 September 1981 (finally)

Happy Friday! Another weekend, another Off The Chart – we’re doing 1981 this week and as usual there are lots of outtakes. I’ve been trying to post them all afternoon and for some reason they’re just sitting there pretending to load while not doing anything, so hopefully this attachment will work instead. Sorry about that. Well done Patreon. :-/

This week’s show was made even more baffling as we changed the format halfway through and decided to start including competition questions. Listen to the show tomorrow to hear the questions; answer them correctly and you can win a pair of Sound Of The Crowd underpants a genuine 1980s vintage 7″ single! We haven’t decided which one yet though, so as to retain an extra air of mystery.

In fact, if you haven’t entered last week’s competition, there’s still time! It closes at midnight tonight (9/9/2016) and the questions and entry form are on the site. Good luck!

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