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If you’re heading to any of the Rewind, Flashback, Let’s Rock or similar festivals this year there’s a good chance you’ll see that band who did Living in a Box… what were they called again? Yes, Living in a Box are back together, kind of, because singer Richard Darbyshire has opted out and Kenny Thomas (of Thinking About Your Love fame) has stepped in to fill his shoes. We asked Living in a Box keyboardist and songwriter Marcus Vere about the band’s past, present and future…

Living in a Box hit the ground running with first single Living in a Box. What were you doing before that?
In the early 80s, before LIAB, I was working for a promoter for The Limit Club and The Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield. I started out handing out flyers and putting up posters for the bands who were booked in and ended up booking the acts myself. I found that experience really handy when LIAB took off. Taught me a lot about the business end of the industry.

What’s your favourite memory of the ’80s?
My favourite memory of the 80s was meeting Prince and Mike Tyson at a music event in Los Angeles. It was in the men’s room actually. I was standing there, as you do, and two guys turned up and stood either side of me and I looked up to see Prince on one side of me and Mike Tyson on the other!! Insane.

Living in a Box are back together, and now you’re involved with ABC as well! How did that come about?
Yes, we are really excited to welcome Kenny Thomas into the lead vocal spot for LIAB. He’s amazing and rehearsals are sounding fantastic for the live shows. I am not a member of ABC. Martin Fry and I are friends from way back and we decided to write together with Charlie Mole (famous for his film and tv music). The results were the beginning of Lexicon Of Love 2 which is now finishing production and is due out on Universal in May.

Of all the records you’ve released over the years, which one would you hold up and say with pride “I did this!”?
Foremost I’m a songwriter, so I’m interested in song craft and, to that end, Room In Your Heart is probably the song that I’m most proud of. The melody is just beautiful and the words are so romantic. It’s amazing, but a lot of people don’t connect LIAB with that song. I think the eponymous band/song thing didn’t help. People who don’t know us are shocked when they hear Room In Your Heart is by LIAB. It’s a hugely popular song to this day. I think I get more lovely comments through the website about that song, and what it’s meant to people, than any other. We’ll be playing it at the live shows – check for dates.

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ABC have “The Lexicon of Love 2” in the pipeline, will there be new Living in a Box material too?
We’ll see where it goes. I like things to happen organically. If we get asked by the right people with a genuine passion to release some new LIAB material, of course we’ll consider it. I’m not interested in writing in a bubble for my own amusement though, I want it to get heard. I do believe, that with Kenny Thomas on board, that it’s a new dawn for LIAB and anything is possible. Exciting times..

Living in a Box featuring Kenny Thomas will be playing across the UK this summer, tickets are available from Ents24.

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