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“Entertainment for the lost and lonely” – Top of the Pops, 26 March 1981

Richard SkinnerSo it seems Richard Skinner wasn’t in Scotland all week with the other Radio 1 DJs, as the Radio Times seems to suggest. Although his evening show was billed as including sessions from Scottish bands, he must have been in That London for at least part of the week because here he is hosting Top of the Pops, and for sure the BBC wouldn’t have gone as far as to relocate the Pops north of the border for a week just so Skinner could join his colleagues in donning kilts, saying “Och aye the noo” and whatever other tedious Scots stereotypes they chose to uphold during their week away. He is still sensible Richard Skinner from Newsbeat after all, despite the ongoing attempt to improve his on-screen image. Out of his grey jumper-based comfort zone in a red checked shirt, Skinner looks as uncomfortable as ever; standing next to a couple of Legs & Co doing an energetic dance routine in tiny skirts that show off their legs – not to mention their “& co” – was never really Richard’s scene and he looks like he’d rather be off shooting haggis with Andy Peebles. Cheer up, Richard, we’ve got the cream of the current music scene on the show tonight!

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