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“The more we know, the less we show” – Top of the Pops, 16 April 1981

Peter Powell“Hi.” Hi yourself, Peter Powell, in your monogrammed shirt, white blazer with the sleeves rolled up and, let’s not beat about the bush here, beige slacks. Powell seems to have taken on the mantle of “senior presenter” of TOTP recently, his relatively youthful enthusiasm outstripping the likes of DLT and Simon Bates; Read, Wright and Skinner have yet to fully prove themselves, Tommy Vance appears to have been sidelined for the moment and Jimmy Savile remains an anachronism. Tonight Pete promises us “stacks of live bands,” “a great film featuring Spandau Ballet” and “some artists who’ve flown in specially for the show.” As the intro to the Jacksons’ Can You Feel It? plays in the background, could it be that the Beeb has finally convinced one of pop music’s greatest superstars to return to the TOTP studio?

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“Strong are the bonds that we make” – Top of the Pops, 2 April 1981

Shakin' Stevens

Another week, another two editions of TOTP on BBC Four as we attempt to crack on through the whole year before the Proms, the Olympics and whatever else has been displaced by the closure of BBC Three as a linear … read more