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Soft Cell

“Time just rolls on and on” – Top of the Pops, 13 August 1981

Simon BatesAh, it’s Housewives’ Favourite (“Favourite what?” I hear you cry) Simon Bates, bringing a much needed air of decorum to proceedings in his sensible beige blazer, black slacks and salmon pink shirt which he probably thinks a bit daring. Looking at him now, he still looks like he could be my dad, yet I’m ten years older now than he was then. Glitch in the Matrix? Eddies in the space time continuum? Or is he just the embodiment of bloated, self-satisfied Radio 1 that prevailed for a remarkably long time before being swept away by Matthew Bannister in 1993? I think we all know the answer to that. Seemingly employed by Richard Skinner to make him look fashionable, Bates bids us “Welcome to the summer” in the middle of August – what’s been happening for the past six weeks then? – and with a cheeky tilt of the head, points us in the direction of Duran Duran.

See the full top 75 for this week on the Official Charts Website.
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Off The Chart: 10 September 1981

Off The Chart: 10 September 1981

It’s 1981 on this week’s Off The Chart as Steve and Julian play some of the week’s forgotten hits, three tracks from a featured album and the top five in full. Just how many terrible medley singles are there in … read more