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Bucks Fizz

“Try to look as if you don’t care less” – Top of the Pops, 19 March 1981

Peter PowellSo the industrial dispute we were pretending wasn’t happening last week has been resolved, the audience has been allowed back out of the tiny airless booths from where they were encouraged to cheer and applaud in sound only, and everything’s back to normal. This week we’re in the safe, reliable (if somewhat over-enthusiastic) hands of Peter Powell, testing the colour capabilities of your TV set in a blue shirt with red and yellow stripes, green trousers and a yellow jacket. Not staying, Pete? Tonight also sees the primary-coloured début of one of the 1980s’ biggest groups, before they even have a record in the chart, so if you were still watching TOTP on a black and white portable set in your bedroom, you were seriously missing out.

See the full top 75 for this week on the Official Charts Website.
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