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The Flying Pickets

1983 Christmas Top 40

As we hit the mid-80s, 1983 was the year the decade really started to establish a distinguishable style. In the face of the grim reality of a second term of Thatcher government, pop went flamboyant with Culture Club, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran all hitting their peak. Kajagoogoo went from obscurity to superstardom and back again, Wham! took the proverbial out of social issues and Paul Young finally achieved overnight success after five years. The Christmas chart reflected virtually nothing of this, instead being dominated by TV tie-ins, returning ’70s stompers and the most ridiculous looking band of misfits who ever sang a cappella.

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1982 Christmas Top 40

Keith Harris

You might have thought that by 1982 old-fashioned analogue music would be dead and the entire chart would be computer generated. Of course that scenario was still a good 25 years away. In fact synthpop was struggling, with the likes … read more