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Shakin' Stevens

“Strong are the bonds that we make” – Top of the Pops, 2 April 1981

Simon BatesAnother week, another two editions of TOTP on BBC Four as we attempt to crack on through the whole year before the Proms, the Olympics and whatever else has been displaced by the closure of BBC Three as a linear broadcast TV channel interrupt proceedings over the summer. Tonight sees the return of Simon Bates who promises us “no less than nine new numbers” on the show, which is just about true if you include the playout track. Of course, as we’ll find out, being new is not the same as being good, and with performances including an appalling cash-in on an already cynical cash-in and a return to the light entertainment hell we thought we’d seen the back of last summer, tonight’s show is quite possibly one of the worst of the year. But, hey, keep reading!

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