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“You’re all corrupt, you’re all depraved” – Top of the Pops, 12 March 1981

Tommy VanceUp next on BBC1, another edition of Let’s Pretend Nothing’s Wrong And This Is Just A Normal Edition Of Top Of The Pops Even Though It’s Painfully Obvious That There’s Another Strike On And We’re Desperately Stringing Pre-Recorded Clips Together To Try And Pad Out Our Allotted Time Slot. Your host for this edition is Tommy Vance, still wearing the F*ck Off Tommy “Rock On Tommy” jumper he had on last time, who utterly fails to explain the situation. “Top of the Pops this week is a very, very special edition,” he admits, which we can already tell as he’s standing in front of a green screen (or probably a blue screen in those days) allowing a still photo of red and blue lights to be used as a background. But why is it such a special edition? “…Because it’s full of absolutely amazing music.” Given that all but two of the songs on tonight’s show have been on before, this statement is completely meaningless, but it’s all we’re going to get.

See the full top 75 for this week on the Official Charts Website.
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“There’s a new wave coming, I warn ya” – Top of the Pops, 26 February 1981

Kim Wilde

Never let it be said that this site doesn’t get results. After carping on for weeks about how this new look Top of the Pops needs an opening sequence instead of just crashing straight into the grinning host over the … read more