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Now That's What You Might, Hypothetically, Have Called Music

Mixcloud Select: Now That’s What You Might, Hypothetically, Have Called Music

This Virtual CD is actually a virtual double LP! As part of our celebrations of 100 Now That’s What I Call Music albums, we’ve come up with this hypothetical example of what the first Now of the 1980s might have been like if the series had started prior to 1983. Using the same template – two records or cassettes, 7 or 8 tracks per side – and assuming the regular three-times-a-year release schedule was already in place, this would have been the Now album released at Easter 1980.

This and all the other Virtual CDs can be yours when you join us on Mixcloud Select. You also get the weekly extended Deluxe Edition of Off The Chart, the spin-off show Further Off The Chart every dexy1, and other special shows whenever an idea grabs us. You can also download shows to listen offline, thus saving your precious mobile data. All this for just £2.99 a month! Can’t be bad.

Now That's What You Might, Hypothetically, Have Called Music rear cover

Off The Chart: 28 May 1980

Off The Chart: 4 June 1985

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