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Coast To Coast

“Wriggle like a snake, waddle like a duck” – Top of the Pops, 12 February 1981

Richard Skinner“You’re right, it’s Top of the Pops!” confirms knowledgeable Richard Skinner before anyone’s even had a chance to ask the question. This week it appears that Skinner is being remodeled, in an attempt to cast off his stuffy image and reposition him as a hip young music enthusiast in the Peter Powell mould. Physically the transformation seems to be going via Simon Bates first, as the all-grey ensemble Richard modeled on his first solo TOTP gig is gradually giving way to various shades of brown, although the grey stripe down the middle of his jumper suggests his inner newsreader is still trying to escape. Meanwhile, Michael Hurll is back from having January off and has stuck Skinner in amongst a gaggle of excitable audience members, waving at the camera and jumping up and down with such ferocity that the former Newsbeat stalwart is forced to start bouncing up and down with them. Such undignified behaviour.

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