Off The Chart outtakes – 30 July 1984

Evening all! Steve here.

So, as you may have seen on Twitter and/or Facebook, Julian and I had a mammoth Off The Chart recording session on Tuesday. We were in the “studio” for somewhere in the region of 4½ hours and managed to complete… two shows. Problem is, once we get going we end up with shedloads of drivel material that has to be excised from the final edit (in the interests of keeping the actual show somewhere under two hours long) but just seems too good to throw away. So, in addition to the weekly bloopers reel (attached), there’s loads more great stuff that didn’t make this week’s show and I’ll be posting it on here over the next day or two. Whether it will be for general consumption or exclusive to our esteemed subscribers, I haven’t decided yet. Why not back us now and make sure? You know it makes sense.

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