Off The Chart outtakes: 24 September 1983

Happy Friday! 1983 on Off The Chart this week, with all the lunacy that this entails including a remarkably of-its-time news story about hedgehog flavour crisps, Robert Smith working three jobs to produce the album of the week and a shocking revelation about the name of Toyah’s band. Online tomorrow as always; in the meantime here are some of the bits that didn’t make the cut.

If you’re backing us on Patreon, tomorrow I’ll upload some of the full, uncut links to show just how hard it is to edit these things down to under two hours. The TV & Radio link itself goes on for nearly half an hour. In the meantime, do remember to check out the website – there’s a fascinating new interview with Shelley Preston from Bucks Fizz on there. Julian has even converted her to an Off The Chart listener. Well played, Jools, well played.

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