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Off The Chart: 19 May 1982Every Saturday on Off The Chart Steve and Julian take a sideways look at the UK singles chart from the corresponding week in a particular ’80s year and play songs you don’t normally hear on a chart rundown. They also play three tracks from a hit album of the week and throw in a track from another country’s singles chart that wasn’t a hit here. All this plus the day’s news and sport, TV and radio highlights and the gigs you might have been to that week, all wrapped up in two hours of music and mayhem.

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19 May 1982

Come back to 1982 for another two hours of hits, headlines and hullabaloo on Off The Chart! As always Steve and Julian are here to deliver another lorryload of forgotten and half-remembered hits, three tracks from one of the week’s big hit albums, a look at the day’s events, a track from an international chart and the top five singles in full. And of course there’s the forfeit track for those of you who still won’t back us on Patreon. Which top ten hit was later adapted for two separate number one hits? Who went solo at the last minute without telling his record company? And which record became the 500th number one single in the UK? Click PLAY to find out!


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