Now Parlez

Now Parlez 10Join Steve and Julian from Off The Chart as they unearth an old Now That’s What I Call Music album from the back of the wardrobe, dust it off, talk about it and play some tracks from it. This exclusive Mixcloud series tackles each album in turn, highlighting some of the standout tracks such as the album’s biggest and smallest hits, one hit wonders, token cool tracks and tracks that appeared on the accompanying video selection but not the album itself. Along the way your hosts discuss important topics such as what happened to the pig from the early sleeves, whether it was actually true that Queen always had to be track one on side one, and how you could get your hands on the exclusive “warm” Now That’s What I Call Music sweatshirts. Join us!

Now Parlez 10

Join Steve and Julian as they take time out from their weekly Off The Chart show to rummage in the back of the wardrobe for another Now album! This time they’re playing tracks from Now That’s What I Call Music 10 and talking about the album, the track selection and the ongoing battle with the Hits series. Hit PLAY to discover how Now 10 ignores two of the summer’s biggest hits in favour of a much smaller hit by the same act, how it links Adrian Edmondson with Andy Warhol, and how it stopped a Christmas classic from reaching number one.

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