List of the Lost

War And Peace is none of your business: internet reacts to Morrissey novel

List of the Lost, the début novel by Morrissey, was published yesterday to wild acclaim from Morrissey fans and mild amusement from everyone else.

While fans rushed to leave five star reviews on Amazon, Twitter was less kind, particularly with regard to a rather grim sex scene in the novel which refers to a male character’s “bulbous salutation”, a phrase which was soon trending on the microblogging site.

That sex scene from List Of The Lost

That sex scene. Possibly NSFW, or anywhere else.

Despite these misgivings, and despite damning reviews in the press – including one with the stark warning “Do not read this book” – List of the Lost is today one of Amazon UK’s top twenty best selling books, and number 1 in the “Gothic romance” category.

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