Lots of comedy singles

Red Nose Day 2017: Vote for your favourite ’80s comedy single!

Over the past ten months we’ve played a fair few novelty records on Off The Chart, but now we’re asking for your help to decide the best loved comedy records of the ’80s!

It’s Red Nose Day on 24th March and we’re planning a special Comic Relief edition of Off The Chart, counting down your top twenty comedy and novelty records of the decade. But that means we have to compile a chart, which is where you come in. All you have to do is select your favourites on this form (you can choose as many as you like) and we’ll work out which are the most popular. Then come back on Red Nose Day and we’ll have a special edition of the show ready for you. Simple as that! And of course, please give as much as you can to Comic Relief, they do a grand job and don’t spend it all on beer and second hand records, unlike us.

UPDATE! The vote is now closed! Come back on Red Nose Day itself for our special Carry On Off The Chart as we play the top twenty!

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