Dexys - "Let The Record Show Dexys Do Irish And Country Soul"

More, please, thank you: new Dexys album due in June

Dexys will release a new album, idiosyncratically titled Let the Record Show Dexys do Irish and Country Soul on June 3, according to the band’s official website.

While Dexys leader Kevin Rowland is keen to point out that this isn’t a “covers album”, the set does consist of the band’s interpretations of traditional Irish songs such as Women of Ireland (previewed above) and Carrickfergus, as well as more familiar pop songs including You Wear it Well, How Do I Live and Both Sides Now. According to Rowland the idea for the album has been around since the time of Don’t Stand Me Down in the mid-1980s, but the band broke up before the album came to fruition. Here’s hoping Let the Record Show Dexys do Irish and Country Soul will prove more successful than the last time Rowland made an album of interpretations of other people’s songs – 1999’s My Beauty, with its infamous sleeve showing Kevin in “a man’s dress”.

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