Jesse Rae

Jesse Rae put to the sword

Scottish musician Jesse Rae, best known for his minor 1985 hit Over The Sea, has been told he will not be allowed into polling stations or the election count in the Borders if he carries his claymore.

The singer, who is rarely seen in public without the 5ft sword – not to mention his steel helmet and tartan outfit – is standing as an Independent candidate in the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency. Scottish Borders Council has informed him he cannot take the sword to the count or polling places. Returning officer Tracey Logan wrote to Mr Rae: “I must ensure that people are able to vote on the day without any perceived threat or risk.”

Rae, whose biggest chart success came as composer of Odyssey’s 1982 top three hit Inside Out, told the BBC Scotland website: “The letter is just tae try and humiliate me and embarrass me in front o’ the press and media that they know will be at the count centre.”

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