Muthas Day: 21 NWOBHM Nuggets

Virtual CD of the Month: Muthas Day – 21 NWOBHM Nuggets

We’ve had Mothers’ Day, now it’s Muthas Day! Yes, after last month’s Sophistipop collection, March’s Virtual CD flings you violently to the other end of the musical spectrum with 21 exponents of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Famous names like Iron Maiden, Motörhead and Judas Priest jostle for position with less well known exponents of the genre such as Praying Mantis, Grim Reaper and Venom. If you’re backing us on Patreon it’s in your feed right now, waiting for you to enjoy on Spotify or Mixcloud. if you’re not, slip us as little as $1 a month and you too can be one of the cool kids!