Virtual CD of the Month - Euro Vision

Mixcloud Select: Euro Vision – 20 Eighties Eurovision Hits

For one night every year, Europe comes together in a celebration of culture, artistic endeavour and good taste. At least, it used to be one night; it goes on for about a month now, but back in the 1980s there were no semi-finals and you never heard anyone else’s entry before the event (unless you were keen enough to tune in to the preview shows split over the previous two Sunday afternoons), so there was a real sense of anticipation when the Eurovision Song Contest came around.

Euro Vision brings together twenty Eurovision songs from the ’80s. Some of them romped to victory and became classics, others sank without trace and were instantly forgotten, still others didnʼt do as well as expected on the night but have since taken on a life of their own. Oh, and one wasn’t actually an entry in the contest but is the only thing anyone remembers about that year’s show.

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  1. That’s every ten weeks to the uninitiated.