Electro People

Mixcloud Select: Electro People

To introduce our new Mixcloud Select site, we’re reactivating our classic Virtual CD Of The Month feature and reissuing the original virtual CDs that we tried to entice people into backing us on Patreon!

You know how old fashioned analogue paper magazines often come with a CD stuck to the front with that nasty sticky bogey-like stuff that’s impossible to remove without ripping the cover? Well, obviously we can’t do that, but we can do this: a specially curated 80-minute ’80s playlist every month as a special thank you for being there for us. There’ll be a different theme every month, available exclusively to our Mixcloud Select subscribers.

To kick off, here’s the very first Virtual CD from March 2017, so long ago that it’s even using our old Sound of the Crowd logo on its artwork. Inspired by the Fox Box which includes precisely one essential ’80s gem amongst its four discs, we present Electro People, twenty synth greats including tracks by Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Soft Cell and many others, including a band with no name. How very futuristic.

This and all the other Virtual CDs can be yours when you join us on Mixcloud Select, as well as the weekly extended Deluxe Edition of Off The Chart, the spin-off show Further Off The Chart every dexy1, and other special shows whenever an idea grabs us. You can also download shows to listen offline, thus saving your precious mobile data. All this for just £2.99 a month! Can’t be bad.

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  1. That’s every ten weeks to the uninitiated.