Cover art - November 2014

Virtual C90 – November 2014

Lots of new music this month as we hurtle towards Christmas… November’s virtual C90 includes new tracks from Pink Floyd, Queen, Simple Minds, Billy Idol and Half Man Half Biscuit, a new live recording by Alison Moyet and a track from the outstanding new album by the late, great Alvin Stardust. Yes, really. Plus the usual brew of some classic 12″ mixes and a whole lot of ’80s hits, near-hits and overlooked classics. Enjoy!

PINK FLOYD – Allons-y (1) from The Endless River, 2014 album
KILLING JOKE – Love Like Blood 1985 single
S-EXPRESS – Superfly Guy 1988 single
WAS (NOT WAS) – Spy In The House Of Love (Streetsahead Mix) 1988 12″ single
SIMPLE MINDS – Honest Town from Big Music, 2014 album
FREEEZ – Pop Goes My Love 1983 single
HOWARD JONES – All I Want 1986 single
ALISON MOYET – Is This Love? (Live) from Minutes And Seconds, 2014 album
NICK HEYWARD – Blue Hat For A Blue Day 1983 single
QUEEN – Let Me In Your Heart Again from Queen Forever, 2014 album
BREATHE – Hands To Heaven 1988 single
NEW MUSIK – Living By Numbers 1980 single
BILLY IDOL – Bitter Pill from Kings & Queens Of The Underground, 2014 album
THE CURE – Let’s Go To Bed 1983 single
BANANARAMA – I Heard A Rumour 1987 single
STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE – Since Yesterday (Extended Mix) 1985 12″ single
THE CHRISTIANS – Hooverville 1987 single
HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT – The Bain Of Constance from Urge For Offal, 2014 album
MIDGE URE – No Regrets 1982 single
THE CREATURES – Miss The Girl 1983 single
SOFT CELL – Down In The Subway 1984 single
ALVIN STARDUST – Still Haven’t Seen You Cry from Alvin, 2014 album

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