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Spotification: Frankie Goes To Hollywood

For a band who only released two albums, Frankie Goes To Hollywood have an enormous back catalogue. This is largely due to the perfectionism of Trevor Horn, producer of the band’s first album and owner of their label ZTT. Fed up with people complaining that the original 12″ ‘Sex Mix’ of Relax bore no resemblance to the actual song, Horn had a different mix pressed up as a replacement 12″, then another a few weeks later. This set the precedent for the infamous multiple remixes of Two Tribes which kept the song at number 1 for nine weeks in the summer of 1984. Soon everyone was releasing two or more 12″ versions of their singles. Except The Smiths.

For this mixtape we’ve chosen what we think are the best mixes of the band’s seven singles (The Power Of Love didn’t really lend itself to a remix, so we’ve gone for the standard version here). A couple of familiar cover versions from the B-sides of the first two singles and a handful of overlooked tracks from début album Welcome To The Pleasuredome round out side A. Most of side B concerns itself with neglected second album Liverpool, including the three singles and two of the best album tracks, one in a remixed form which wasn’t released until 2009.

01 Relax (Sex Mix Edit) (Second 12″ mix, 1984)
02 Ferry Cross The Mersey (12″ B-side of Relax, 1983)
03 Two Tribes (Annihilation) (First 12″ mix, 1984)
04 War (Hide Yourself) (12″ B-side of Two Tribes, 1984)
05 Wish (The Lads Were Here) (From Welcome To The Pleasuredome, 1984)
06 Krisco Kisses (from Welcome To The Pleasuredome, 1984)
07 Black Night White Light (from Welcome To The Pleasuredome, 1984)
08 The Only Star In Heaven (from Welcome To The Pleasuredome, 1984)
09 The Power Of Love (single, 1984)

10 Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Real Altered) (First 12″ mix, 1985)
11 Rage Hard (Stamped) (Remix 7″, 1986)
12 Warriors Of The Wasteland (Attack Mix) (Third 12″ mix, 1986)
13 Kill The Pain (from Liverpool, 1986)
14 Is Anybody Out There? (Movement 2) (from Frankie Say Greatest,
15 Watching The Wildlife (Hotter) (First 12″ mix, 1987)

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