Off The Fireplace

Off The Fireplace

Now it’s Christmas! Join us for the results of our annual poll to find the best Christmas hit of the 1980s, as we count down the top twenty (and very quickly run through positions 30-21 as well, why not?). Tune in at 10pm on Christmas Eve on Mad Wasp Radio!

You can stream Mad Wasp Radio via their website, their apps for iOS or Android, or through TuneIn and MyTuner, or ask your smart speaker to “play Mad Wasp Radio” – and don’t forget to tweet along using the hashtag #OffTheChart. If you’re not around, you can hear the show again on Mad Wasp Radio at 10am on Christmas Day, or catch up on Mixcloud after that.

Special Christmas bonus

Our lovely Patreon and Mixcloud Select backers also get an extra special festive edition of Further Off The Fireplace in which we finally give an airing to some of the songs that never make anywhere near the top of the poll. Well worth a couple of quid of anyone’s money!

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