Off The Chart

Off The Chart comes to Mad Wasp Radio!

So, we have some news… from tomorrow you’ll be able to hear Off The Chart on Mad Wasp Radio! We’re looking at the chart of 11 August 1981 this week, with all the usual shenanigans, an international hit, a featured album, a look at the day’s events and the top five in full. You just need to point your browser at a different place to listen at 10am!

If for some bizarre reason you can’t manage 10am on a Saturday, there’s a repeat at 6am on Sunday – which is kind of still Saturday if you don’t go to bed. And the show will still be on Mixcloud from Sunday mornings. And of course, if you slip us some cash on Patreon you still get the deluxe edition of Off The Chart with bonus 12″ mixes and international chart rundown! Everyone’s a winner.

You can listen to Mad Wasp Radio at their website or through their iOS and Android apps, or through the TuneIn app. See you there tomorrow at 10am. Don’t be late!

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