Off The Chart: 4 June 1985

Off The Chart: 28 May 1980

Every Saturday in our podcast-style-radio-show-thing Off The Chart, Steve Binnie and Julian Sparrow look at the chart from the corresponding week in one of the ’80s years and play the songs you don’t normally hear on a chart rundown. They also play three tracks from a hit album of the week and Steve sets off the Obscure Fact Klaxon, while Julian has to be restrained from reading out entire Wikipedia entries for their inadvertent comedy value.

Steve and Julian play some of the lesser spotted tracks from the UK singles chart of 28 May 1980, plus three tracks from the featured album by The Beat. There’s a romantic encounter at a holiday camp, a close encounter with some aliens and a near miss with a disgraced glam rocker. Intrigued? Have a listen!

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