Off The Chart: 17 February 1980

Off The Chart: 17 February 1980

We’re going so far back on this week’s Off The Chart we’re practically in the ’70s! Join Steve and Julian for two hours of hits, half-hits, headlines and hysteria from way back in February 1980. There’s three tracks from the week’s featured album, a track from this week’s Belgian chart, a look at the day’s events and the top five in full, plus a forfeit track for those of you who persist in not backing us on Patreon – you’ve only yourself to blame. Which heavy metal legends were spending their first ever week on the chart this week? Who had to re-record a line of their only hit to make it less rude? And what’s a respected Shakespearean actor doing hanging around with a group of animals? Click PLAY to find out!


While you’re listening, why not read about the same week’s edition of Top of the Pops, including the débuts of two of the decade’s biggest acts?

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If you’ve missed a previous edition they’re all on our Mixcloud page, or for a taster of the music we play, listen to our Spotify playlist Way Off The Chart including one track from each show!


We also have a Spotify playlist for our #ICEOTWF feature, including all (well, most) of the international hits we’ve played since the feature began in March 2017. There are all sorts of oddities in here, all of which were hits somewhere in the world but not in the UK!

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