Further Off The Chart

Well, we’ve been promising / threatening to do it for months now and we’ve finally done it. Episode 1 of Further Off The Chart is now live!

If you’ve been listening faithfully to Off The Chart you’ll know that every so often we go off at a tangent and end up talking about records that we can’t fit into the show, because they weren’t in the chart that week, or at any point in the ’80s, or at all. You know, things like Andrew Ridgeley’s solo single Shake, Micky Dolenz’s baffling cover of B.A. Robertson’s To Be Or Not To Be or the fabled low-budget album version of The Living Daylights from a-ha’s Stay On These Roads album which dispenses with the orchestra and brings in some weedy keyboard noises instead. Finally we’ve found a home for them in Further Off The Chart.

Since it’s not based around a chart, we found ourselves with no obvious structure for the show, so we decided the best way to organise the track listing was to put all the songs in a hat and pull them out at random. Fortunately Julian had a hat with him, otherwise we’d have had to pull them out of something else.

So this is the first of many episodes of Further Off The Chart as we continue #FumblingTowardsProfessionalism and hopefully remember to write them down as we go so we don’t have to remember them all months down the line. Thanks for your continued backing, it’s very much appreciated. πŸ™‚

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