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Further Off The Chart 4 (and why you should back us on Patreon if you don’t already)

Further Off The Chart 4

Exclusively for our wonderful Patreon subscribers, episode 4 of Further Off The Chart allows us to mop up some of the tracks that came up in conversation during the regular weekly show. On today’s edition Captain Sensible covers one of … read more

Off The Chart: 18 March 1988

Off The Chart: 18 March 1988

A new look, a new feature, but mainly the same old nonsense from Steve and Julian as they dissect the UK singles chart of 18 March 1988. There’s a load of hits you never hear anymore, three tracks from a … read more

Ah, memories…

Hello, esteemed subscribers! We promised you extras and by jingo you’re going to get them, whether you like them or not. An extra bit from this week’s Off The Chart here, as Julian remembers swotting for exams in January 1988 … read more

Close to the Edit

Hello! We promised you behind the scenes stuff in return for your monthly Patreonage, so here is some unedited footage (if that’s the right word where audio is concerned) of Julian and myself struggling through the news & sport and … read more