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Donald, where’s your troosers?

Off The Chart: 21 January 1986

Happy lunchtime! And what better way to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration than with the shameless appropriation of a major world event in an attempt to publicise a completely irrelevant post? Outtakes from this week’s Off The Chart are here; the … read more

Ah, memories…

Hello, esteemed subscribers! We promised you extras and by jingo you’re going to get them, whether you like them or not. An extra bit from this week’s Off The Chart here, as Julian remembers swotting for exams in January 1988 … read more

Are we nearly there yet?

Well, against the odds, we’ve nearly reached the end of 2016! Only one more edition of Off The Chart to go before we rewind and start again from January 1988. Don’t get ahead of yourselves though, because it’s 31 December … read more

So this is Christmas…

…but Off The Chart doesn’t stop for fripperies like the birth of Christ. In fact it intensifies, because we’ve barely recovered from our Christmas party when we’re back with another regular weekly edition! This week it’s chart of Christmas 1980, … read more

Off The Chart outtakes – 17 December 1984

Happy Friday! We’re within touching distance of Christmas now, hence the appearance of the Christmassiest Top Five Ever™ in this week’s show, live in the usual places tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here are some non-festive outtakes for your delectation. … read more