A history of compilation albums in the ’80s, focusing on the groundbreaking Now That’s What I Call Music series but also taking in its competitors, The Hits Album series and maybe a few others along the way.

Now That's What I Call Music 3

Now That’s What I Call Music 3

The runaway success of Now That’s What I Call Music volumes 1 and 2 ensured that there would be a third. With huge sales virtually guaranteed, Virgin and EMI threw their full weight behind the project and the classic ’80s Now look was created: the pig from the poster on the back of volume 1, now sporting a natty pair of shades, returned to sit atop a spiky speech bubble adorned with the word NOW and the volume number within brightly coloured balls. Although the pig would be quietly dropped the following year, the red-blue-green NOW logo would be incorporated into increasingly complicated designs until the start of the next decade. read more

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