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Tweet Little History: Jona Lewie

Welcome to our new feature Tweet Little History (with apologies to Wet Wet Wet). Knowing that people today have short attention spans and like stuff served up to them in bitesized chunks, TLH interviews ’80s stars the modern way, via Twitter, with five questions and answers each squeezed into 140 characters or less.

Our first guest on TLH is Jona Lewie, recent star of Top of the Pops 1980 reruns on BBC Four with You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties and perennial Christmas chart stalwart with his other UK hit Stop The Cavalry. We asked him, in very shallow detail, about life before, during and after the ’80s.

You’re best remembered for your 1980 solo hits Stop The Cavalry and …Kitchen at Parties, but what were you doing before that?
Before Cav & Kitchen I was doing Seaside Shuffle 72 !

What’s your favourite memory of being an ’80s pop star?
fave memorable experiences…TOTP in 72 and 80 & doing lots of TV shows

Ever wish you hadn’t written “Stop the Cavalry”?
I never regret doing Cav!

Of all the records you’ve released over the years, which one would you hold up and say with pride “I did this!”?
My Song I hold up is The Baby She’s on The Street

What’s next on the agenda for Jona Lewie? Any new music in the pipeline?
Right now am writing a new Album for 2017 then a UK Tour

Many thanks to Jona for being agreeing to be interviewed in such lack of depth. Join us for another Tweet Little History the next time an ’80s star replies to our tweets!

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